Instant Pot Adventures: Pot Roast

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Do you ever stroll down the Target end caps, looking for an especially killer deal?…And have you ever found an Instant Pot with a sticker for half off its original price? And then wondered…”Should I? It’s a good deal! But I’ve survived so long without one…And do I really need another appliance in the kitchen?” This was my conversation with myself before getting it. (Thanks Mom!)

I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but it seems like a jack of all trades kitchen appliance and gets the job done. Yes, I do already have a crock pot and a pressure cooker….but this really is different!

We had some sirloin that I needed to cook and I decided to try the pot roast recipe from Tidbits. It had excellent reviews and Marci did her research on meat cuts! We were not disappointed with the end product, and I learned a few quick tips for general food prep while following her recipe.

One – when putting a rub or spices on meat, for easy application and clean up use foil. I know it’s a little wasteful, but when you have a two year old dragging the chair to the counter to poke at the raw meat….I mean “help”…it’s just easier and quicker!

Two – take the time to sauté – it’s worth it. It really does help seal in the flavor and keep the meat moist. Two B – when sautéing, when the meat lifts easily off the bottom of the pan, it’s ready to be flipped. Aha!

Now if you follow Marci’s recipe, you might see the picture below and wonder why there are onions in the picture…It’s because I “follow” recipes – sometimes I add or leave out ingredients. I had some onions sliced and leftover from a previous recipe, and thought they would be yummy in the pot roast.

Here’s a lovely picture of the only portion left after the meal. This is definitely a go-to recipe, as it was quick, easy, and a crowd pleaser!

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