Book Review: Serious Goose

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Another great read Mon Cœur (MC) received for Christmas was Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel. Everyone knows what a silly goose is, but what exactly is a serious goose?

Kimmel recognizes the serious side of parenting while letting those of that flock know sometimes you have to loosen up and let your feathers fly. I love how the inside flap reads, for all parents (including me!) who may have flustered wings, and be pressed to get some other project accomplished.



This is a great book to read when you’re in any mood, and especially helpful for me if either I am in a grouchy mood or if MC is being a grump. Below are three reasons MC and I love this book:

It lends to role playing

We make faces to correspond with the goose in the book – we love looking serious and playing with our eyebrows to look mean, mad and angry. I mean serious.

When the goose makes her transformation from serious to silly, we enjoy smiling and giggling with her.

We use our serious voices and our silly voices, use lots of finger pointing to act serious. We also make faces, silly noises, and are goofy to try to make the goose laugh.

It’s so silly and punny

Who would think to dress a goose as a moose or order a pizza with snails? The illustrations, especially the one where the goose finally smiles, make me laugh.

The pizza is “Honk & delicious” The serious goose reads headlines from the paper, “Take a Gander!” He also delights in reading the tome War and Geese. Kimmel adds these small details which delight the adult reader and perhaps, help make him/her less of a serious goose!

It issues a direct challenge

Everyone loves a challenge and there’s page with a mirror where the child is challenged to make faces, sounds, and be a silly goose. But it doesn’t matter, the book says, because the goose will not laugh – she’s a serious goose. We like to spend extra time investing in all sorts of goofy faces to try to make the goose laugh.

It really only does take a few minutes to read, and by the end, if you haven’t cracked a smile at least, you really are one serious goose.

What do you love about Kimmel’s Serious Goose? Do you know of other books that can crack a smile when you’re feeling otherwise irritable?

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