Allie Kibler’s 28 day self-care challenge:

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I recently discovered Allie Kibler’s blog, and her 28-day self-care challenge.  In the home stretch of my pregnancy with Baby Boy, and knowing that my hands will be even fuller (in the best possible way) very shortly, I have really tried to focus on taking some me time. 

Although it is a common fact that everyone needs “me time” in order to feel and be their best for others, it is something that I historically relegate to the back burner.  This is something I am striving to improve upon – putting all the guilt I feel aside, and self-advocating for me time for me.

Since our prenatal appointments are weekly now, Mon Cœur (MC) goes to Mooma’s once a week and spends the night.  This has given Chouchou and me time to plan for the arrival of the baby, talk, and (gasp!) sometimes even have dinner together.  It has also given me time to really try to do things that bring me happiness or relaxation, focus on me time, and sometimes even a little organization!

I am so grateful to have this me-time, and love how many of Allie’s challenges are easy jump-starts to begin a new good-for-me habit.  

For example, I decided one day to revisit my mindfulness meditation app, the Insight Timer – the “Breathing into Sleep” meditation by Bethany Auriel-Hager never fails to help me fall asleep. I continued this evening meditation every night for at least a week.  The other night I played it, passed out five minutes in, then was woken by MC about an hour later.  You know what I did?  Yep – I pressed play again on that meditation…twice in one evening, and both times it helped me relax into sleep!

Another evening, I took the time to read some in a book before bed, and I continued that new activity until I finished the book. Reading has been really helpful for unwinding at night.  Also, as I’ve been experiencing some horrible insomnia with this pregnancy, when I wake up, instead of grabbing for my smartphone and scrolling aimlessly, I pick up the book and continue where I left off until my eyes start to close again.

[In case you’re curious, I’m a historical fiction fan, and my sister loaned me All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I really enjoyed the French and German character perspectives which switched between chapters, and interwove at parts, the jumping back and forth between time periods to give snippets of information, and the added twist that the protagonist is a blind, young lady helping continue the Resistance at the height of French Occupation during WWII.]

Having a visual lotto board to check off challenges has been super helpful for me.  I keep it posted on the fridge and see it many times throughout the day so I’m reminded to take a little time for myself.

It’s taken me a little over 28 days and I’m still not done yet, although I’m really looking forward to creating the vision board, and I’m going to take the motivational quotes challenge and use that to refresh the quotes I like to display around our house.

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How do you take time for yourself and practice self-care?

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