Millie’s Garden Spring 2022 Additions, Part 4

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Where to start?

As people come and visit our garden and walk it for the first time, it is not obvious where to enter and exit.  We have pillars up at our two entrances and exit, although it’s not very clear to everybody.  I wanted to make it a little more prominent with a walkway entrance.  Nothing fancy. Nothing “complete.”  Just a little something to whisper, “this way.”  

Follow the recycled brick road

I looked at our brick inventory, a stash of reclaimed ones, and decided we had plenty to do both sets of pillars.  I wanted to do a herringbone pattern and I wanted to have it look organic, as in not square or any shape, but irregular, as if it had always been there, but over time had been overgrown and forgotten in places.

Final touches

As I began excavating, I noticed the mint that was being pulled up. It is really popping up and spreading around and between one set of pillars.  I thought how lovely it would be if the mint, as it has over time, overgrew around and between the bricks. I hope that this will be the case over time.

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